Promotion at the end of the year will be based on attendance, continuous Assessment in every subject, work done during the year and the overall conduct record. The periodic assessments held during the year are notified in the school calendar. Normally a student should pass in all subjects. He/she may be considered for promotion even if he/she fails in one of the subjects other than Moral Science/Catechism, English, Second Language.


Students of Classes UKG to IV will be promoted based on their performance in the Continuous Evaluation.Students of Class V are evaluated through a combination of continuous assessments.They must obtain 40% marks or D grade in all subjects to be promoted.


Continuous assessments are meant to ensure regularity on the part of the student. Unit Tests and class tests are important part of the continuous assessment for the progress of the student. The answer scripts of these tests, duly evaluated, are handed over to the student, to be taken home, signed by the parents and kept in a separate Test File at home. A student is expected to enter the marks in the relevant columns of Achievement Record in his/her school calendar.


Classes VI to IX: Promotion is based on the two Assessments and the continuous assessment (Unit Tests and Class Tests, written Assignments, Book Reviews for English). Internal Assessment for Moral Science will be based on “Conduct Record”.
​ The final tabulation of 100 marks will comprise of 30% from the 1st Assessment, 30% from the Unit Tests and Internal Assessment combined and 40% will be from the Second Assessment. A student must obtain 40% in this tabulation.


For students who are absent for any Assessment / Unit Test / Class Test, no provision can be made for supplementary tests. Attendance for internal assessments & Projects for classes VIII, IX & X are compulsory on the days scheduled. No exceptions can be made in this regard. Time schedule given for submission of Assignments/Projects are to be strictly adhered to. Defaulters may be awarded zero in that particular subject. ​Failure to appear at any assessment can seriously affect a student’s academic progress and promotion. However no student must come to school to do a test and go back home after the test. He/she must attend the full day class.

A student must score 60 % marks in Moral Science/Catechism, General Knowledge, Physical Education and SUPW (IX). He must obtain 40% in all other subjects according to the final tabulation procedure. Conduct marking scheme: there shall be an aggregate of 50 marks every term allotted to the CMS for every student. Under this marking scheme infractions shall attract negative marks as specified, which will be adjusted against the student’s marks in Moral Science.