• Strict silence and order must be observed by all in the library.
  • Every student of DBK, in school uniform has access to the library. ​
  • ​ All articles, personal belongings and bags must be left outside when entering the library.
  • Only one book will be issued per student. A book can be kept for one week only. No renewal will be allowed. Books overdue may be returned on any day with a fine of Rs.5 per day. No fine if one has been absent for valid reason.
  • Books exclusively meant for consultation are not to be taken out of the library. They remain available to all the students all the time. ​ ​
  • Before leaving the library every student must submit for scrutiny the books borrowed.
  • All magazines, reference book or books used while in the library must be put back in the proper place after reading.
  • Books borrowed from the library must be returned directly to the librarian. They must not be circulated. A student who circulates books borrowed from the library may have his library card withdrawn and may be fined as well.
  • Any defect noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified. Failure to do this checking renders one liable to be considered responsible for the defect noticed on the return of the book. Fines will be imposed for damages done to books and articles in the library.
  • Books lost must be replaced by the borrower.
  • A remark will be entered in the library page of the School Calender for every book returned late. Three such remarks will results in the students being debarred from borrowing books for the year.
  • No fine will be charged for books overdue if a letter can be produced showing that the borrower has been absent for valid reasons.
  • No books shall be retained by the students during the summer, autumn, and winter vacations.
  • ​ Library Hours: Class days : 08.00am to 11.30am AND 12.10 pm to 02.30pm. Saturdays: 08.00am to 11.00am
  • ​​
  • During class hours, classes will be allowed into the library only according to the time-table published by the principal. Permission to enter the library during these class hours must be obtained from the principal.
  • ​​


    • The computer center is a place of learning and serious work. For this “Silence” is a very necessary element.
    • Dust is the greatest enemy of the computer. Remove shoes before entering the room. Wear clean socks.
    • Take nothing in to the computer room without the prior permission of the teacher.
    • The computer is complicated electronic instrument which is learned through instruction and operation. Follow the instructions of your teacher carefully.
    • The computer is a delicate and expensive machine. Damages must be paid for by the student. Report immediately any kind of defect or damage, so that prompt action can be taken and the machine is available for the next user.
    • Computer time is precious DON’T waste it.


    • SILENCE should be maintained by all inside the Science Laboratories.
    • Written permission is to be taken from Principal/Vice principal to enter the Laboratories at times other than the stipulated time.
    • All school bags and any other articles not pertaining to the laboratories should be kept outside.
    • The student must accept responsibility and pay for any damage he/she causes to the equipment in the laboratories.